Suffering from heartburn?
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44%of Americans have heartburn at least once a month. 19.8% have reflux. It causes tremendous problems, and nobody is asking why.i

Are your eating and drinking patterns giving you heartburn?

Here is how to find out and MANAGE acid reflux.

Who has not overindulged in a meal and paid the price later? Whether the food faux pas was a celebratory hot fudge sundae, a third chili dog at the ballpark or that burrito hastily eaten behind the wheel, the outcome is nauseatingly familiar — a sour taste at the back of the throat, a burning sensation in the middle of the chest.

Think of heartburn as faulty plumbing. The mouth and stomach are connected by a pipe, called the esophagus, and after you swallow, food slides down the pipe before it plunks into the stomach.

On splashdown, an O-ring of muscle at the base of the esophagus (called the lower esophageal sphincter or LES) cinches tight to keep the mixture of food and gastric juices from moving back up the pipe. If the sphincter does not seal correctly, the stomach's contents slosh up into the esophagus and irritate the lining.

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  • Help relieve symptoms of heartburn
  • Get known of factors that lead to heartburn
  • Learn how to neutralize stomach acid
  • Improve digestion
  • Feel better
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Heartburn is something that most adults will experience during their lifetime. An uncomfortable burning sensation characterizes it right behind the breastbone that often creeps up the throat, and is a symptom more so than a disease.

Success stories

Success Story #1: John H. Azevedo

" My chest pain and burning have improved! "

"Dear Jimmy, I’m a 57-year-old man from New Jersey and I have come across your website completely by accident. I have suffered from acid reflux and Hiatal Hernia for more than a decade and was a Zentic and Tums junkie, yet the pain, especially at night or after a heavy meal, was sometimes so overwhelming I had to take painkillers in addition. I have tried several other natural remedies prior to reading your book including the so-called apple cure, but they all offered nothing but temporary relief. Deep in my heart I knew quick fixes, even the natural ones were not the solution so reading your book only reaffirmed my feelings. I must say your program not only makes sense, it is a real godsend. Not only that, I cannot remember when I have experienced such a profound sense of clarity and well-being. I have become a lot more regular and energetic, my sleep is fantastic and I look and feel fabulous. Here is to a new all-natural beginning!

God, bless you!"

-- John H. Azevedo (New York, USA)

Success Story #2: Alvin B. Gillison

" Good-bye acid reflux, heartburn gas or constipation. "

"Jimmy, Thank you for a wonderful resource. The methods outlined in your program are simple yet remarkably effective for my heartburn. I have suffered from acid stomach, bloating and acid reflux for years, including candida infections and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Since I have bought your book and carefully went through all the steps I could finally kiss those horrible symptoms goodbye. I no longer suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, gas or constipation and I try to keep the healthy dietary principals in the book so far with great success. Tremendously rewarding resource.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

-- Alvin B. Gillison (Manitoba, Canada)

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Who I Am and Why You Should Listen to Me

It feels strange to be discussing my constipation, gas, and other earlier digestive disorders with thousands of people! Nevertheless, I am thrilled and delighted with sharing with you this program, that I am happy to tell you my story in the hope that others might receive help from my experience.

My name is Jimmy Brick*, 33 years old, and I am living on Linden Avenue Orlando.

The Pains in My Gut Were Not in My Head!

A few years ago, I was just where you are…I battled with chronic Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Hiatal Hernia, Esophageal Reflux, and Gastritis for more than a decade. I have experienced all the painful and relentless symptoms associated with acid reflux: Such as burning sensations, constant pain, and burping, bloating and gas, occasional trips to the doctor and taking myriad and over the counters that showed little to no results.

So, let me start…

Ten years ago, at the age of 23, I developed a hiatal hernia. My gastroenterologist told me that there was nothing to be done about it, but to take acid suppressors and hope for the best. As I do not like taking any medications, I decided not to take them in the hopes that my constant heartburn would just go away.

For the following 5 years, I suffered from chronic heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, gas and going with belching and burping. Whatever I ate seemed to just sit on my chest and give me discomfort. I had been a vegetarian for many years but was still eating a lot of dairy and fish, and using salad dressing. The more heartburn I experienced, the more ice cream I ate to try to put out the fire in my chest.

Finally, about 2 years ago, I went back to my gastroenterologist, and he put me on a high acid inhibitor. My acid reflux had gotten so bad, it came up and burnt my throat, and I lost my voice three times! After six months, I returned to his office…miserable.

What to do?

So, the doctor ordered another endoscopy, as well as a colonoscopy. (The earlier endoscopy many years before had diagnosed the hiatal hernia.) This time he found nothing dangerous, except for a hernia.

After another six months, I was back in his office again! This time I had to endure a most unpleasant procedure involving a tube being put thru my nose and down my throat. I had to eat and sleep with this contraption in for 24 hours — he found nothing. I told him I was sure that something I was eating was causing all this distress. He said: “No! It's all in your head, and I am going to put you on some Valium.”

I said there was no way I was going to start taking a tranquilizer, and that there was nothing wrong with me other than indigestion. I told him I was normally a euphoric and well-adjusted person and did not need Valium! He said that he gives most of his male patients' tranquilizers.

That was the last straw!

I left his office in disgust, never to return.

I then turned to my last resort, and went to see someone practicing in “alternative solutions.”

The first thing I said to him was: “Although I never eat anything spicy, there must be something I am eating that doesn't agree with me!” He answered: “Nonsense! Digestive problems are caused by stress and not by food!”

The bad luck was following me …

He encouraged me to persevere with the acid suppressor, and gave me Kava, “a natural tranquilizer to calm your nervous stomach.” I took one Kava that night, and experienced such severe stomach cramps and spasms from it, that I almost went to the ER!

Since then, I read online that Kava has been found to be a very dangerous herb, and can be extremely toxic to the liverii !!! So much for calming my “nervous” stomach!

From that moment, I became obsessed with the subjects of holistic health and nutrition.

I wanted to know everything there was to know on how to manage acid reflux, heartburn, and digestive disorders and prevent these conditions permanently - I have been absolutely consumed by this quest. So, I started studying - hard!

I bought every book on gastrointestinal health, detoxing, dieting, and nutrition that I could get my hands on.

I used to spend hours at the library swallowing stacks of books, journals and magazines about holistic health, acid reflux, Barret esophagus, heartburn, and nutrition and reading every word. I have read hundreds of medicine books from cover to cover. My library quickly grew to over 320 health and nutrition books, and I had read every word to the point of memorizing them.

But I did not just read. I also searched for other suffers on the internet, to find a reliable solution to my chronic acid reflux condition. Blogs, forums, articles, you name it…

forums testimonials

I Tried Everything!

Book knowledge and talk with others like me are one thing, but it is different from knowledge from actual experience.

I have also tried every acid reflux treatment known to natural health with conviction, desire, and hope that it would make a difference and that it would finally drop my acid reflux and bring me my life back.

Over the years I have spent a small fortune trying every type of product and treatment you can think of.

I have tried: herbal remedies, tinctures, detox diets, vitamin therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, Chinese Medicine, vegetarianism, the Wai diet, the mucus-less diet, the blood type diet and what not. I even went on a very strict anti-candida for weeks and weeks.

But it did not work …

I also bought a special bed that can be adjusted, so my head is propped up all the time. In addition to that, I slept on 4 pillows. I felt temporary relief, but it was far from being the solution.

Yet, I Still Suffered from Heartburn!

The clear majority of the above treatments and so called solutions either made my heartburn condition worse, worked only short term or simply did not have any effect what so ever on my acid reflux condition.

Moreover, most books on acid reflux and heartburn had either recommended taking steps to decrease acid production (which is hardly useful since acid reflux is a complex environmental condition) or offered partial dietary advice along with vitamins and special herbal supplements.

These approaches do not work either! I know because I tried them all and I still suffered from severe acid reflux.



I realized the hard way that there were no magic pills or fix-it-all products to acid reflux and heartburn. It may work temporarily on the symptoms, but the cause of acid reflux will still be there, and the painful symptoms will come back very quickly.

Now, after 10 Painful Years and Thousands of Work Hours, The Acid Reflux Puzzle Was Finally Solved…

From all the truths and evidence, misconceptions, and myths…It took me more than a year to polish and refine everything I found and tried also, in the end, I applied it myself with great hopes and passion and to my sheer amazement- after a few weeks of following it…

My Acid Reflux Condition and Heartburn Pain did not come back!

It took a lot of time, money, and nerves to get to where I am today, to know exactly what works and what does not.

Yes, after desperate trial and error, countless numbers of useless treatments, disappointments, and agony a simple holistic system opened the door to my new and much brighter without heartburn life.

After years of suffering,

I was finally smiling!

Not only am I now full of renewed energy and high spirits, but I can eat as much as I like and not gain any weight.

I have lost 20 lb. and now weigh just under 100 lb., which is the perfect weight for a 5′ 2″ small framed male.

This is my diet for my lifetime. I wish others could also know how easy it can be to become healthy!

To review, too much stomach acid does not cause heartburn. It is caused by too little stomach acid and bacterial overgrowth in the stomach and intestines.

Therefore, successful treatment is based on restoring adequate stomach acid production and dropping bacterial growth.iii

This can be carried out by following the “three Rs” of managing heartburn naturally:

  • Reduce factors that promote bacterial overgrowth and low stomach acid.
  • Replace stomach acid, enzymes, and nutrients that aid digestion and are necessary for health.
  • Restore beneficial bacteria and a healthy mucosal lining in the gut.

Heartburn Is a Message from Your Body Telling You Something Is WRONG Inside

Your body sends you messages all the time. Most of us ignore most them.

Heartburn is a desperate message from your body telling you something is wrong inside. The only way you can ever manage your heartburn is from within by listening to what your body is trying to tell you, work with it.

When I finally figured that out along with what was going on in the heartburn, I decided I had to act.

So, I put things on paper and began guiding other acid reflux sufferers using this new acid reflux system I developed. Now, for the first time ever, the same acid reflux system that has helped others heartburn sufferers all over the world to manage acid reflux and drop all the symptoms associated with it is available to you in a single, jam-packed, e-book:


“The Heartburn Switch”

A Holistic System in Existence That Will Teach YOU How to Manage Your Heartburn Regain Your Natural Inner Balance and Achieve Knowledge of All Digestive Disorders!

The Heartburn Switch

" The Heartburn Switch " is a downloadable e-book, jam-packed cover to cover with all the secret natural acid reflux methods, powerful techniques, and the step-by step holistic acid reflux system I've discovered in over 10 years of acid reflux work.

Here Is a Small Sample of What You Will Learn When You Download Your Copy of The Heartburn Switch Today:

  • Systematically plan to start managing and preventing heartburn
  • The truth about conventional heartburn treatments
  • The top ten worst foods you should never eat
  • The top ten best anti-acid reflux foods you should eat all the time
  • The secret of natural anti-Candida, anti-infections, and anti-inflammation supplement that you should always take daily which alone is to make an impact on your heartburn condition sometimes in a matter of days!
  • A simple test you can do at home to know the exact severity of your candida infection. You will know the answer in less than 15 minutes. (Note: Candida Albicans is linked to acid reflux, heartburn, and digestion disorders).
  • The importance of probiotics and prebiotics in acid reflux.
  • Several of the best-kept anti-acid reflux vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements.
  • Finally, the honest answer as to why you have heartburn, why some people always seem to make their acid reflux worse and how you can prevent it.
  • The amazing connection between physical activity and acid reflux and why, when, where and how you can start 'exercising' your way to acid reflux life!
  • The 2 breathing strategies that make a significant effect over your body to start healing itself normalizing hormonal production and helping your body fight inflammation in the esophagus and acid reflux.
  • The importance of the acid-alkaline balance, how to optimize your delicate internal ph., feel much healthier and ward off acid reflux, candida, and G.I disorders.
  • How to prevent the reoccurrence of acid reflux, Chronic lack of energy, depression, yeast infection, allergies, parasites, and bacteria; as well as how they are all connected. How to tackle the root cause of heartburn, keep your internal organs in the best condition, and drop these afflictions.
  • Why heartburn is a sign that something is wrong in your system and in some cases, even a warning sign for much worse diseases, and what you can learn from it and do about it.
  • The truth about parasites, indigestion, and acid reflux; as well as how you can drop these harmful creatures using a simple 7-day routine.
  • The link between insomnia, stress, and heartburn; and exactly what you should do to significantly control or drop these afflictions from your life.
  • The disturbing connection between an unbalanced body and acid reflux; and what you can do to bring your body back into balance quickly.

And believe me…this is just the beginning! Heartburn Relief Program is so much more than just an "e-book" - it is a system for sure-fire acid reflux success.

What The Heartburn Switch Can Do for You

The Heartburn Switch discusses the internal problem causing your acid reflux and prevents it. By tackling all acid reflux-contributing factors using a holistic, multi-dimensional approach, it stops the 'acid reflux internal environment.' Thus, you could enjoy lasting acid reflux and finally can…

  • Manage the real cause of your heartburn
  • Finally get a peaceful night's sleep! No more pain! No more sleepless nights! No more bed-wedge pillows!
  • To enhance digestive and intestinal health
  • To help in digestive disorders like bloating, IBS, LGS, constipation
  • Assist you in on constant burping and flatulence
  • To improve the constant chest pressure and pain
  • Prevent dangerous health complications!
  • Feel lighter, healthier and more energetic
  • Experience enhanced elimination, thicker hair, healthier skin and/or nails
  • Have increased mental clarity, enthusiasm, and vitality.

Success Story #3: Rhonda K. Witcher

" Most my acid reflux and heartburn symptoms have gone. "

“Hello Jim. I have been dealing with GERD now for 8 months. People around me seem to think I should lighten up about it because it is not like I was diagnosed with a terminal disease. I am not sure if they understand how, as much as you want to keep an optimistic attitude, it chips away at you every day. The constant chest pain, the constant meal planning, always worrying about what drugs you are taking and are they safe long term, the side effects and other digestive upsets caused by these drugs, being up all night and the fatigue from sleeplessness and I am so grateful that I came across this awesome information. So, practical, and effective it’s still hard to believe so many people buy into the conventional approach that actually does nothing but put patches on the symptoms. I just wish I had found your program sooner. It would have saved me a lot of expenses and misery. This eBook is a godsend.

Million thanks for your help and support!"

-- Rhonda K. Witcher (Florida, USA)

No Matter What Type of Heartburn You Have You Can Start Using This Powerful System RIGHT NOW to Get A Relief

By following the simple steps found inside The Heartburn Switch Program, you will manage your acid reflux cycle and its related symptoms. The best news is that the program works on all types of acid reflux and heartburn.

It does not matter what type of acid reflux or heartburn you have. The principles outlined in The Heartburn Switch Program needed to manage and prevent your heartburn are the same;

Why This System Works Were Other Heartburn Treatments Fail?

Good question and you are right if you asked it. With all the other acid reflux treatment products, available on-line and in the physical world, why should you choose this program over someone else's and why is it so different from other products?

  • The Heartburn Switch Program is a solution that teaches you step by step what to do.
  • The Heartburn Switch Program is a natural, safe, and powerful treatment based on natural solutions.
  • The Heartburn Switch Program is a practical solution. The Heartburn Switch Program although comprehensive is also highly efficient and inexpensive information that you can naturally incorporate it into your daily life.
  • The Heartburn Switch Program is easy to use and understand. The Heartburn Switch Program is written in plain English that is easy to comprehend and follow.

I Will Take You by The Hand and Teach You Strategies and Secrets That Allowed Me to manage and today to prevent my Heartburns.

So, what is the Bottom Line? How Much Does This Complete Life Changing System Cost?

The Heartburn Switch Program is a comprehensive and effective acid reflux system. It a holistic step-by-step roadmap to acid reflux and heartburn.

And I have some great news for you! Since there are no printing costs for eBooks, you can get this eBook for much less than it would cost if it were a hard copy manual - AND you get it instantly (no waiting for the snail mail!) Your investment in this life-changing eBook is now only $29.95!

Order Now and get your copy
ONLY $29.95

The Heartburn Switch
eBook Format

Once you place your order on ClickBank secure server, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download The Heartburn Switch Program manual and get started IMMEDIATELY. The eBook is in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it right on your computer screen, or you can even print out your own paper.

The Heartburn Switch Program 60 days guarantee

That is all there is to it. Once you have downloaded your eBook, read the entire manual from cover to cover. Then act and start at once! The step-by-step instructions are written in a conversational tone and in plain English so you can start today!

I want to help you end the painful burning feeling in your chest, the difficulty swallowing, the burning sensation in your throat and your sleepless nights. I've been there before, and I know exactly how you feel.

If you are even remotely interested in learning the truth about acid reflux, then you owe it to yourself to at least try the The Heartburn Switch Program.

Order Now and get your copy
ONLY $29.95

The Heartburn Switch

If you're one of these special people who are motivated enough to try an honest and effective acid reflux solution- one of the top 5% who is ready to do what it takes to finally manage acid reflux then join us and order today, because "just thinking about it" never led anyone to better health.

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This exclusive guide gives over 40 recipes that were specially designed for people with Reflux just like you. This guide could easily be sold by itself.

Here is some of what you will find inside…

  • Parmesan Herb Chicken
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  • Sesame Ginger Chicken
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The Heartburn Switch



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Adrenal fatigue is a serious disease and can affect anyone at any time.

This eBook will have provided you with the guidelines as to how to treat this disease and to not only make a full recovery but to prevent this condition from reoccurring

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Your skin is a great indicator of your health and wellbeing but, more than that, it is also our primary filter and plays a vital role in keeping toxins out.

Living and breathing every moment, your skin is your biggest organ and needs nutrition plus some simple care to function well while looking and feeling good.

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This eBook is the answer to all the stomach gas, bloating & flatulence problems you are experiencing. It is an all-natural way to take care heartburn problems by following this step by step guide to managing the issue from its roots.

Sincerely, Your Friend and Coach,

Jimmy Brick eBook Format

PS: If you have reflux, you need this guide. Even if your reflux has not become severe, it is still affecting your life every day. You owe it to yourself to drop this condition for the last time.

PPS: The current price is just $29.95. So, grab your copy now while it is still at this low price. You deserve this.

*This is a pen name because the author wanted to remain anonymous for the public

i books/NBK6896/ GERD is a very common disorder. Population based survey revealed that 44% of the population reported monthly heartburn and 19.8% suffered from heartburn or acid regurgitation at least once a week.

ii is-kava-safe/ The FDA warnings in 2002 are still in effect and are echoed widely by respected sources such as the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and the NSRC research collaboration. Given the lack of regulation for supplements and the absence of clear indicators of who is at risk for toxic reactions, cautionary statements continue to be justified. Physicians who supervise patients taking kava for the treatment of GAD should take care to avoid the following: (1) high dosages (more than 300 mg per day); (2) combining kava with hypoactive agents; (3) using non-root preparations; and (4) exposure for longer than 24 weeks.

iii 2013/04/ gastric-balance-heartburn-caused-excess-acid/ Healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients is dependent upon the secretion of gastric acid. When gastric secretions are reduced, the result can lead to nutritional deficiencies and a variety of chronic disorders. Low secretion of gastric acid can also allow orally-ingested pathogens to prevail and contribute to their overgrowth in the stomach and small intestine. HCl supplementation is a safe and effective means of restoring normal gastric levels, particularly in cases where age or chronic conditions show that nutrients, particularly B vitamins and minerals, are not being properly utilized.

iv tc/probiotics-topic-overview It has been suggested that probiotics be used to treat problems in the stomach and intestines. But only certain types of bacteria or yeast (called strains) have been shown to work in the digestive tract. It still needs to be proved which probiotics (alone or in combination) work to treat diseases..